Analytical balances, Entris® II advanced

Supplier: Sartorius Balances
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Analytical balances, Entris® II advanced
Balances and Scales
Entris® II Advanced analytical balances feature isoCAL, intuitive graphic touch display and 13 built-in applications. Highly accurate results are guaranteed via the monolithic weigh cell technology. High chemical resistance is ensured by using parts made from hard-wearing PBT, stainless steel and glass. Integrated protection systems increase reliability of weighing results: Three configurable levels determine valid weighing data and ensure only valid data is transferred to external devices.

  • Fast stabilisation time thanks to state-of-the-art weighing sensors
  • Best repeatability with rectangular weighing pan
  • Overload protection, rugged design, weighs up to a pre-set amount
  • Guaranteed reliability with the self-test '@start'
  • Choice of models with internal or external calibration
  • CalAudit Trail provides gapless documentation with automatic documentation of calibration processes, calibration trigger and date and time stamp
  • Hybrid screen gives excellent readability and use. Combines intuitive, wear resistant LED and touch technology provides an easy and clear structured user interface
  • Password protection ensures secure operation, avoids unintentional changes. User management controls access to balance settings
  • Built-in real time level support simplifies balance levelling

Models with 0,1 and 1 mg readability have a draft shield, this minimises weighing errors caused by electrostatically charged samples using specially coated glass parts. The weighing chamber gives the highest usable weighing chamber height easily accommodating even large containers, ensuring convenient access to the weighing pan. The sliding and top doors can be can easily be removed for cleaning. Models with 10 or 100 mg readability do not have draft shields.

Choice of models with isoCAL (internal calibration and adjustment) for accurate weighing results. Optimal accuracy and operating convenience using fully automated internal temperature and time-controlled calibration and adjustment feature. Assures (SOP) compliant operation with self-notification if calibration is outside the normal range. The balance easily adapts to the ambient conditions with just one click on the home screen. An internal electronic level sensor continuously monitors for proper levelling, alarm messaging when it is not levelled and interactive user guidance.

'Plug and play' convenience - automatically detects Sartorius accessories (e.g. printer, second display). Real 'PC direct' feature for easy connection to a PC to transfer weighing data directly into spreadsheets or documents such as Microsoft® Excel or Word.

Models have built-in applications with GLP/GMP compliant printout/data printout. Functions include: Weighing/dosing, counting, percentage weighing, mixing/net total, components/totalising, dynamic weighing, calculation/fee factor, density determination, statistics, peak hold, check weighing, mass unit conversion, under floor weighing for bigger samples and pipette smart test.

Entris® II Basic Advanced balances have 13 built-in applications with GLP / GMP compliant printout / data output. All models have 13 built-in languages for international operation: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Hungarian and Polish. The series has data output for dynamic weighing applications and configurable time interval for data output plus an RS232 9-pin interface and RS232 port. Two USB Type C interfaces enable multiple connections to external devices, data can also be transferred to a USB stick. Entris II allows individualised printouts for up to six unique user profiles. These models also have an anti-theft lock.

Caution: Note: Models with suffix -CEU are verified version Europe (except France, where -CFR models are available).
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