Digital vacuum controller, Chemical resistant vacuum sensor and control valve, VCpro 601, Welch

Supplier: Gardner Denver
181-0581EA 1670 EUR
Digital vacuum controller, Chemical resistant vacuum sensor and control valve, VCpro 601, Welch
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Precise vacuum control for evaporation and distillation of solvents and chemicals.

  • Durable chemical resistant sensor and control valve
  • Multilingual high contrast 5" colour display with light/dark mode
  • Tactile buttons and scroll wheel for intuitive ICON-navigation of control screens
  • Built-in function for self-cleaning of diaphragm pump
  • Precise vacuum control with timed ramp capability
  • Control vacuum, water and inert gas
  • Can be used with any brand of pump
  • DN 8 (inlet/exhaust connection)

The new VCpro 601 vacuum controller measures and displays pressure both graphically and digitally on its high contrast colour display for clear readability. The pressure can be precisely controlled from 1100-1 mbar and this can be done in real-time. In addition, a timed ramp function allowing raising and lowering pressure is built in for applications such as distillation and vacuum drying. Full flexibility and repeatability is achieved easily via a programmable mode with pressure / time defined by the user. The durable, chemically resistant sensor built into the VCpro 601 vacuum controller is a ceramic thick film hybrid – giving a gas independent absolute pressure reading. The multi-lingual display and solvent library allow for quick and easy operation. It can be protected by password at a user and administrator level to stop accidental or unwanted adjustment of settings. Direct communication can be maintained between PC and controller via RS232 or LAN and data log files can be downloaded for analysis or record keeping purposes. PC software is downloadable for free from the Welch website.

It controls pressure by the opening / closing of a built-in solenoid valve that is connected in-line between the vacuum pump and the system being evacuated and by the opening of a ventilation valve when an increase in pressure is required. This allows the flexibility to be used with any brand of vacuum pump. It also has a built-in inert gas ventilation valve and can also be used to control a water valve for apparatus cooling water.

Certifications: CE.

Delivery information: Vacuum controller with built-in chemical duty sensor, control valve and ventilation valve. Schuko, UK and US plug leads.
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