VWR® Drosophila Vials

Supplier: Avantor

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VWR® Drosophila Vials
For storage, handling and transportation of Drosophila flies.

Manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified facility. Narrow and wide vials are manufactured in PP, PS or K-Resin and packed in bulk or tray formats.

Polystyrene (PS): This resin has glass-like clarity, allowing very clear, distortion-free viewing of fly gender and behaviour.

Polypropylene (PP), autoclavable: PP is a clear resin that is softer than PS. Ideal for cost-sensitive experiments and clear viewing.

K-Resin: K-Resin is a premium scratch resistant resin, combining the clarity of PS with the flexibility of PP.

Caution: *The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904.
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