Decontamination solution, RNase-ExitusPlus™

Supplier: PanReac AppliChem
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Decontamination solution, RNase-ExitusPlus™
Cleaning Agents Decontaminants
RNase-ExitusPlus™ is a non-alkaline, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic cleansing solution that is highly active against RNase contamination. RNase-ExitusPlus™ has been demonstrated to inactivate more than 20 μg of RNase A dried onto the bottom of a microcentrifuge tube. RNase-ExitusPlus™ is stable for approximately 18 months and heat resistant. It should be stored at room temperature; at colder temperatures a precipitate may form which is easily brought into solution at 37 °C. RNase-ExitusPlus™ is supplied in spray bottles and a one litre refill pack is also available.

  • Catalytic and cooperative effects of the components cause a very rapid non-enzymatic, non-sequence-specific degradation of protein and RNase molecules
  • All components of RNase-ExitusPlus™ are readily and not harmful or toxic for humans
  • No aggressive mineral acids or alkaline substances are used; equipment and materials are not damaged or corroded even after prolonged incubation times
  • No organic solvents or volatile components, no toxic fumes
  • Elevated temperatures above approx. 50 °C speed up the reaction and the efficiency
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