Titrators, Titronic® 500 and TitroLine® 7000

Supplier: SI Analytics

TitroLine® 7000 Titronic® 500
661-0121EA 4410 EUR
661-0121 661-0116 661-0117 661-0114 SCOI285220170 SCOI285220290 661-0115
Titrators, Titronic® 500 and TitroLine® 7000
TitroLine® 7000 automatic titrators are used in the laboratories of water supply companies, wastewater treatment plants, and the food and chemical industries. Typical applications include analysis of alkalinity and carbon dioxide, nitrogen (Kjeldahl), chloride, COD, acid number, iodine number and others. The Titronic® 500 piston burette is used in all industry sectors. Applications include all manual titration, dosing tasks and sample preparation.

  • Brilliant, high contrast, TFT display
  • Compact exchangeable units (5 / 10 / 20 / 50 ml) can store all reagent-specific data plus the unit size (TitroLine® 7000 only)
  • Connection of stirrer, keyboard, printer, balance, PC and USB storage media can be done via three USBs and two RS232 ports
  • Standard methods and formulae allow easy generation of up to 50 user-defined methods
  • Common functions: Manual titration, dosing tasks and formulae for miscellaneous calculations
  • Thanks to their flexibility (exchangeable units), they are perfect for customers who require a titrator for many different applications

Ordering information: Titronic® 500 basic unit: Supplied with TM 235 magnetic stirrer, exchangeable unit (20 ml), TZ 1510 stand rod, Z 305 electrode clamp,TZ 3880 manual controller and power supply (100 to 240 V).
TitroLine® 7000 basic unit: Supplied with TM 235 magnetic stirrer, exchangeable unit (10, 20 or 50 ml), incl. brown glass bottle for titration reagent, GL 45 and S 40 bottle adapters, hoses, drip off tube and titration tip.
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