Bottle, with GL 45, side neck, DURAN®

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences
SCOT219900701EA 99.5 EUR
Bottle, with GL 45, side neck, DURAN®
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HPLC 2000 ml reservoir bottle with two GL 45 inlets.

  • Convenient – Side neck allow solvent filling without main delivery cap removal
  • Safer – Capped bottles reduce the risk of volatile organic compounds (VOC) escape and spillage
  • Compatible - GL 45 threads fit standard HPLC connection caps
  • Manufactured from the material of choice for HPLC solvent bottles: borosilicate 3.3 glass offering a very low inorganic ion extractables profile
  • Useful 2 L capacity
  • Durable white enamel volume graduations (400 - 1800 ml, 200 ml intervals)

DURAN® bottles are ideal for the storage and delivery of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) mobile phases and solvents. Increasing the number of GL 45 inlets on the bottles adds convenience: one additional side neck allows additional solvent to be added without disturbing the main delivery cap.

Applications: mobile phase reservoirs for HPLC, reagent supply to liquid handling systems and analysers.

Certifications: Clear DURAN® is a borosilicate glass type 3.3 as specified by the international standard ISO 3585, and is classified as a 'Type I, Class A low-expansion borosilicate glass' as defined by ASTM-E438-1992. Retrace Code, and certificate for manufacturing lot traceability.
Glass Type I according to the requirements of the current United States pharmacopoeia USP <660> Containers – Glass.
Glass Type I according to the requirements of the current European pharmacopoeia EP (3.2.1) Glass Containers for Pharmaceutical Use.
Glass Type I according to the requirements of the current Japanese pharmacopoeia JP <7.01> Test for Glass Containers for injections.
The calibration results of volumetric instruments with this certificate refer to one calibration batch.
This batch certificate confirms that ASTM Class A error limits required by USP are met. The certificate records the mean value, the standard deviation of the batch and the date of issue.
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