Cooled Incubators with Advanced Peltier Technology, IPP and IPPeco series

Supplier: MEMMERT

390-0622EA 3960 EUR
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Cooled Incubators with Advanced Peltier Technology, IPP and IPPeco series
Incubators Cooled Incubators
Sets eco standards for cultivation below room temperature: Unmatched energy efficiency, excellent heat-up, cool-down and recovery times.

  • Maximum energy efficiency compared to cooled incubators with compressor
  • Completely homogenous distribution of temperature
  • Wider range of applications thanks to cooling down to the freezpoint
  • Refrigerant-free and low-maintenance

These reliable Peltier-cooled incubators are available in nine different sizes (30, 55, 110, 260, 410, 750, 1060, 1400 and 2200 L). Perfectly coordinated systems and excellent efficiency make the Memmert IPPeco Peltier-cooled incubators ideal when it comes to energy efficiency and reliability. Despite the significantly reduced energy consumption, the IPPeco's peformance is impressive. Heating up, cooling down and recovering after opening the door occur fine-tuned and at top speed. A completely homogenous and stable temperature distribution is guaranteed thanks to high precision control.

The double doors as standard with fully insulated stainless steel and inside glass prevent contamination and drops or rises in temperature. At the same time the user has an optimal view on the sensitive load through wide-area interior glass doors.

The IPPeco Peltier cooled incubators are specifically designed for microbiological analyses, bacterial count determination, cultivation above and below room temperature, beer stability accelerated ageing tests and shelf life tests of dairy products.

There are two model variants, the SingleDISPLAY and the TwinDISPLAY. The SingleDISPLAY is ideal for standard applications. Temperature, air flap position and fan speed remain at a constant value throughout the process. Suitable for when there are no requirements for ramp programming or loops, if the application only involves having to dry non-sensitive materials and does not require multiple overtemperature protection or a technically complex alarm system. In such cases the functionality of the SingleDISPLAY models will be ideal for the application.

The TwinDISPLAY offers maximum convenience for complex processes. If the application requires outstanding precision and reliability paired with intuitive operation plus double overtemperature protection including visual alarm the TwinDISPLAY models will provide the functionality, convenience and safety required. Via the intuitive control and AtmoCONTROL logging software even complex processes can be programmed quickly and easily. Multiple overtemperature protection, visual and acoustic alarms as well as possibly sending an automatic alarm message to one or several e-mail addresses will leave time for things that really matter.

Certifications: Standard units are safety-approved and bear the EAC test marks.

Ordering information: Supplied without accessories. For all chamber volumes > 53 litres, a minimum of 2 shelves or grids must be ordered in addition. (for IPP1400eco : min. 4 and for IPP2200eco: min. 6).
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