STEM concepts, agarose gel electrophoresis

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STEM concepts, agarose gel electrophoresis
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials PCR Learning Activities
Link important STEM concepts using Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.

  • For 10 lab groups
  • Complete in 45 minutes
  • Learn the biology behind gel electrophoresis and polymerase chain reactions (PCR)
  • Perform agarose gel electrophoresis to separate different sized dye molecules
  • Load, run, and analyze five simulated DNA samples plus a simulated DNA ladder
  • Choose from four real world scenarios: crime scene, paternity test, GMO detection, or medical diagnosis

Help your students learn about the application of gel electrophoresis in DNA Fingerprinting, DNA Paternity Testing, Genetics (related to health and well-being), and the detection of Genetically Modified Foods. These dyes can be separated in agarose gels and students will use core STEM tools to determine band size and utilize critical thinking and reasoning skills. Four unique module options are supplied.

Ordering information: Kit does not include DNA electrophoresis, micropipettes: 5-50 µl (optional), white light box (optional), and microwave or hot plate.

Delivery information: Includes instructions, ready-to-load QuickStrip™ dye samples, UltraSpec-Agarose™, electrophoresis buffer (50X), practice gel loading solution, disposable pipets.

Packaging: Room temperature stable.

Caution: Storage of ready-to-load QuickStrip™ samples in the refrigerator is recommended.
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