Matrix™ Tri-Coded Tubes

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Matrix™ Tri-Coded Tubes
Matrix™ tri-coded tubes combine the 2D matrix code with an improved linear and human-readable barcode.

  • The linear and human-readable codes match the tubes’ unique 2D code to allow 1D scanning or visual identification of samples across collaborative sites without 2D readers
  • An expanded offering of tri-coded tubes to provide more flexibility for your work
  • The high-contrast barcodes improve the reliability of reading and identifying samples
  • Enhanced sample security with three different barcode formats: 1D (side), human readable (side), 2D barcode (bottom)

Enhance sample tracking with Matrix Tri-coded Storage Tubes and avoid taking chances when storing and sharing precious samples. With the rapid growth of biobanking, infectious disease research and development, cancer research and molecular diagnostics, storing valuable samples is more important than it has ever been within the scientific community.

Matrix™ storage tubes feature permanent high-contrast 2D, 1D linear, and human-readable barcodes, offering three levels of identification to safely track valuable samples. Matrix storage tubes come in sterile and non-sterile options and can withstand many years of freezer storage and repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Matrix storage tubes enable:
• Elimination of secondary labeling steps—2D-barcoded Matrix™ ScrewTop and Open-Top Storage Tubes are available preprinted with 1D and human-readable codes that match the tubes’ 2D barcodes.
• Enhanced secure tracking—Permanent 2D barcode is laser-etched onto the base of every tube to securely identify and track samples. The linear and human-readable barcodes match this unique 2D barcode, allowing 1D scanning or visual identification of samples across satellite sites without 2D readers.
• Stringent quality control—Every 2D barcoded storage tube is scanned to ensure readability and uniqueness.
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