Pistons and seals

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG4220-60015EA 555 EUR
HEWLG4220-60015 HEWLG5611-60016 HEWLG1376-60015 HEWL5067-5678
Pistons and seals
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These pistons are made from a high purity, mono-crystalline sapphire for maximum durability.

  • Consistent, reproducible results

Although ceramic pistons can be manufactured at a lower cost, ceramic is a sintered, polycrystalline material, which can cause undesirable variations during the production process. Agilent seals are designed to fit snugly around our pistons, and are capable of adapting to a wide range of flow rates and pressures. The combination of our piston and seal has undergone extensive testing under temperature stress, with all common HPLC solvents, and in many instruments.

Agilent sapphire pistons are: Meticulously cut at just the right angle, making them durable – and long lasting. Precisely aligned in their stainless steel holder to minimise wear on the piston and seal.

Agilent piston seals are: Spring-loaded and engineered to deliver optimal performance over highly dynamic flow and pressure ranges. Manufactured from a proprietary polymer blend, and feature a spring made from the same high-quality stainless steel that is used in our pump's flow path.
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