Ion lenses for 7700/7800/7900 and 8800/8900

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG3280-20653EA 597 EUR
HEWLG3280-20653 HEWLG3280-67035 HEWLG3280-20633 HEWLG3280-60613 HEWLG3280-67039 HEWLG3280-20646 HEWLG8400-67701 HEWLG3280-01650 HEWLG3280-67045 HEWLG3280-60612 HEWLG3280-60615 HEWLG3280-60609 HEWLG3280-20664 HEWLG3280-20628 HEWLG3280-20663 HEWLG3280-67046 HEWLG3280-20618 HEWLG1833-65592 HEWLG3280-67037 HEWLG3280-67038 HEWLG1833-65593 HEWLG8420-60700 HEWLG3280-67044
Ion lenses for 7700/7800/7900 and 8800/8900
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High quality off-axis design ion lenses separate ions from photons and residual neutral material resulting in lower background noise in 7700/8800 ICP-MS systems.

  • High transmission off-axis or omega lens arrangement that separates the positively charged ions from the photons and neutral particles
  • Two types of extraction lens are available. The extraction lenses are placed just behind the skimmer cone and mounted on the skimmer base. They are used to extracts positive ions and accelerate them to the Einzel lens
  • The omega lens is a block of 5 lenses (omega bias, omega (+), omega (-), QP focus and plate bias) and separates photons and ions, steering ions onto the quadrupole MS
  • Screw and spacer sets are available for extraction or omega lenses
  • A variety of additional components and consumables are available: lens cleaning and polishing kits, octopoles and octopole assembly equipment as well as tubing for reaction gas

Agilent manufactures a range of high quality ion lenses for use with the 7500 ICP-MS portfolio. Electrostatic ion lenses keep ions focused in a compact 'ion beam' as they pass through the vacuum system to the final chamber, where the mass spectrometer and detector are housed. The ion lenses also separate ions from photons and residual neutral material. The use of an 'off-axis' ion lens arrangement gives higher ion transmission across a wider mass range compared to alternative configurations. The off-axis design does not use a photon stop, so there is much higher overall ion transmission through the instrument. A range of components and accessories are also available.
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