CO₂ incubators, MCO-80IC series, PHCbi

Supplier: PHC Corporation
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CO₂ incubators, MCO-80IC series, PHCbi
Incubators CO₂ Incubators
These units are designed for critical applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical investigation. They can be used for culturing high volumes of patient samples, performing short-term studies, and working with large volume cell culture apparatus. The InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior surfaces assure constant germicidal protection. The cross-shelf horizontal air flow system promotes optimum temperature uniformity throughout the incubator and contributes to rapid recovery after door openings.

  • PID microprocessor for CO₂ and temperature control
  • UV decontamination with the UV sterilisation system
  • Digital LCD display and keypad
  • Heated double-glazed glass door and door frame heater to prevent condensation
  • Choice of normal and high humidity modes. Normal mode: over 80% RH, high mode: over 90% RH
  • Accommodates roller bottle apparatus, five bottles wide ×7 bottles high. Requires optional mounting ramp kit
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