Headspace sampler supplies

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Headspace sampler supplies
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Find the headspace supplies you need for your Agilent 7697 or G1888 headspace sampler.

  • Built-in pneumatics for superior control and easier setup
  • Proven valve and loop sampling technology
  • Fully-automatic sample vial leak checking and available bar code reader help ensure greater confidence in results method compatibility
  • Instrument control software that is fully integrated in data systems
  • Resource conserving programmable instrument scheduler

Headspace sampling allows introduction of volatile compounds to the GC or GC/MS from virtually any sample matrix while leaving unwanted components in a disposable sample vial. This results in less maintenance and longer lifetimes for the GC consumables in your lab. With up to 111 sample vial positions and removable vial racks, the 7697A's inert sample pathway supports nearly continuous operation to satisfy even the busiest laboratory. Alternatively, it's legacy G1888 headspace sampler also features an inert sample pathway for superior chemical performance without analyte degradation or loss.
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