Peristaltic pump tubing and sample line supplies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
HEWLG3138-65129EA 142 EUR
HEWLG3138-65129 HEWLG1833-65573 HEWLG1833-65572 HEWLG3280-60590 HEWL5064-8023 HEWLG1820-65526 HEWLG1820-65527 HEWLG1820-65217 HEWL5064-8024 HEWLG1820-65478 HEWLG1820-65105 HEWLG1820-65531 HEWLG8400-40113 HEWLG3280-40103 HEWL5064-8101 HEWLG1833-65569
Peristaltic pump tubing and sample line supplies
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The peristaltic pump tubing has to be washed prior to use. The common way is to run about 5% HNO₃ (v/v) solution.

  • Long lifetime
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Not suitable for sample introduction - impurity level is high

If customers use HCl, Sn is eluted from the Tygon tube. In this case, 3% HCl (v/v) should be pumped at 0,1 rps for less than an hour by the new peristaltic pump tube.

Caution: Some chemicals attack the peristaltic pump tube. This might cause leakage in the sample introduction and drain lines and corrosion of the sample introduction system.
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