Red/green (FUN®1), ViaVac™

Supplier: Biotium
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Red/green (FUN®1), ViaVac™
Stains Molecular Biology Stains
A fluorescent vitality dye for yeast, identical in structure to the dye FUN® 1. Living yeast cells show red fluorescent vacuolar tubules.

  • Yeast viability dye
  • Red fluorescent tubules only in live cells
  • Diffuse green fluorescence
  • 10 mM solution in DMSO
  • Store at −20 °C, protected from light
  • C24H18ClIN2S

ViaVac™ red/green (also known as FUN®1) is a fluorescent vitality dye for yeast. It forms red fluorescent vacuolar tubules in metabolically active yeast cells.

ViaVac™ dye passively enters cells, giving diffuse, green cytoplasmic staining of both live and dead cells. In metabolically active yeast and fungus cells the dye is actively transported into the vacuole, resulting in red fluorescent staining of tubular intravacuolar structures.

FUN®1 is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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