VWR® SAS Super Pinocchio CR Air Sampler for Compressed Gas

Supplier: Avantor

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VWR® SAS Super Pinocchio CR Air Sampler for Compressed Gas
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SAS Super Pinocchio CR is a compact microbial impaction sampler designed to test the quality of compressed air and gases used in cleanrooms. A compressed air source is connected and a flow meter to regulate and achieve the required flow rate.

  • Compact and fully transportable
  • 55 mm contact plates (RODAC) or 90 mm standard Petri dishes
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Calibrated flow meter

SAS Super Pinocchio CR non powered air samplers test the microbiological quality of both compressed air and gases. The compact SAS Super Pinocchio CR offers a more convenient way to monitor for viable particles in compressed air and other gas supplies. It can be fully dismantled for easy cleaning. However, the Pinocchio CR is now manufactured in stainless steel to allow a more effective decontamination process.

Using the proven SAS method of viable air sampling, Pinocchio air samplers collect air samples onto contact plates, or 90 mm Petri dishes. Airflow from the compressed supply is regulated through a flow meter before passing through a traditional SAS sampling head. All Pinocchio units provide a controlled method for bioburden monitoring of compressed air and other gases, and can be included in an environmental monitoring programme.

Certifications: IQ and OQ documentation is available.

Delivery information: Self-contained unit, consisting of connections, airflow meter, pressure gauge, tap, and funnel head complete with plate housing.
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