Ultrasonic baths, Elmasonic Select series

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Ultrasonic baths, Elmasonic Select series
Ultrasonic Baths
Powerful and individual the Elmasonic Select ultrasonic cleaning devices are equipped with 37 kHz ultrasonic frequency, have 5 ultrasonic modes and the option to save up to 4 cleaning programmes. These versatile units have a choice of tank volumes from 3 to 90 litres (models Select 60 and larger have a drain, Ø 12 mm.) and heating.

  • Adjustable cleaning programmes
  • Memory stores four individual cleaning programmes
  • Cleaning process in the ultrasonic bath can be called up for reproducible results
  • Fast switching between favourite programmes, easy to configure
  • Auto-degas mode removes disturbing air bubbles in the cleaning liquid and improves cleaning results
  • For temperature-sensitive parts or processes, the temperature limit can be set individually and the display changed to °C / °F

Elmasonic Select units have 5 ultrasonic modes for best cleaning results and easy sample preparation:
Dynamic: Combines the ultrasonic modes pulse and sweep to increase the overall cleaning performance
Pulse: Removes even stubborn contaminations through a pulsating sound field distribution
Sweep: Uniform distribution of the ultrasonic power for most cleaning tasks
Eco: For gentle cleaning with quiet operation and for a longer service life of the ultrasonic cleaning device
Degas: Quick degassing of freshly prepared cleaning solutions and (HPLC) samples

Models are intuitive to use with a clear, easy-to-read display showing all relevant parameters e.g. remaining cleaning time, set/actual temperature allowing precise adjustment. The user is always informed about the operating status of the device via clear symbols for e.g. end of cleaning or over-temperature as well as acoustic and visual feedback.

Delivery information: Supplied with lid.
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