Low-Cost Battery-Operated Turbine Flowmeters/Totalizers

Supplier: Great Plains Industries
MFLX05611-51EA 412 EUR
MFLX05611-51 MFLX05611-50 MFLX05611-31 MFLX05611-52 MFLX05611-19 MFLX05611-18 MFLX05611-15 MFLX05611-14 MFLX05611-17 MFLX05611-16 MFLX05611-11 MFLX05611-33 MFLX05611-54 MFLX05611-10 MFLX05611-13 MFLX05611-12
Low-Cost Battery-Operated Turbine Flowmeters/Totalizers
Flow Meters
Local display includes rate of flow, batch, and cumulative totals.

  • Heavy-duty schedule 80 PVC construction

These durable meters offer accuracy at a reasonable price for measuring water and are available in flow ranges from 1 to 200 GPM and 1/2'' to 2'' inch fitting sizes. Meters indicate totalization and rate of flow, and read up to 999,999 gallons or liters — switch between gallon and liter and the electronics will indicate accurately in both units of measure. Models 05611-10 to -19 offer digital indication powered by two replaceable lithium batteries. Models 05611-50 to -59 have no display and have a square wave pulse output. Flowmeters are available with NPT or male spigot fittings, and work perfect for existing PVC plumbed systems. Wetted parts include the PVC housing, tungsten carbide shaft, PVDF rotor and supports and ceramic bearings. Flowmeters are field calibrateable.
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