Parker Hannifin XM Air-Control Solenoid Valves

Supplier: Parker Hannifin
MFLX98623-07EA 89.65 EUR
MFLX98623-07 MFLX98623-17 MFLX98623-09 MFLX98623-32 MFLX98623-42 MFLX98623-31 MFLX98623-34 MFLX98623-45 MFLX98623-01 MFLX98623-11 MFLX98623-33 MFLX98623-03 MFLX98623-13 MFLX98623-46 MFLX98623-05 MFLX98623-15 MFLX98623-41 MFLX98623-30
Parker Hannifin XM Air-Control Solenoid Valves
Valves Solenoid Valves
Direct solenoid spring return.

  • Continuous duty rated
  • Direct solenoid, spring return
  • No minimum operating pressure required — solenoid coil operates an armature pin that directly impacts the spool mechanism to shift the valve

Although there is no minimum operating pressure, the user of the XM valve must choose the valve for the system pressure. A 3-way valve that is used in vacuum service is constructed differently from a valve that is used in positive pressure systems. Four-way valves can be used in vacuum or positive pressure systems.

The XM valve is a non-repairable valve. Once the stroke is set on the solenoid armature, the valve is set. This makes the internal mechanism of the XM valve non-repairable.
All Ports 1/8. The inline valves can be mounted as a single valve. Valve has mounting holes. Inline valves can be manifold mounted on an IEM manifold. Manifold accepts both 3-way and 4-way valves without any type of additional kits. IEM manifold ports are 1/4.
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