Fast wet transfer system for mini gels, eBlot® L1

Supplier: GenScript Biotech
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Fast wet transfer system for mini gels, eBlot® L1
Blotting Apparatus
eBlot® L1 wet protein transfer system is a highly efficient western blotting transfer system that uses a novel technology (patent pending) developed by GenScript. eBlot® L1 combines the high reproducibility and efficiency of the traditional wet transfer with the speed and convenience of other fast transfer systems. The device allows efficient blot transfer of small, medium and large molecular weight proteins within 9 to 17 minutes.

  • Benefits of eBlot® L1
  • Comprehensive: Outstanding performance for small, medium and large proteins
  • Convenience: Simultaneously transfer two mini gels
  • Compatible: Highly compatible with different types of precast or homemade gels
  • Simple: Easy to assemble, one button operation and customizable programs available

The eBlot® L1 system is for wet electroblotting of proteins from mini gels onto PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes. Enjoy a top-quality and rapid protein transfer eBlot® L1 brings you!

Why Choose eBlot® L1? Conventional wet transfers are cumbersome, require experience and a great deal of time spent on consumable preparation. The transfer times usually vary from 1 hour to overnight. With eBlot® fast wet transfer system, achieve excellent transfer efficiency without sacrificing speed.

eBlot® L1 allows fast and efficient transfer of 1 or 2 mini gels at a time. The setup takes less than 2 minutes and avoids the mess of a traditional wet transfer with our easy to assemble dry sponge sandwich.

Our customisable protocols allows optimal flexibility for your research. The unit comes with standard protocols designed to transfer larger proteins (up to 400 kD) or opt for a shorter transfer time for smaller size proteins (up to 100 kD).

Three different proteins were transferred on to PVDF membranes using traditional wet transfer, iBlot, Trans-Blot, and GenScript's eBlot® L1. The quantities of proteins loaded ranged from 1,25 to 20 µg for EGFR, 7,8 to 125 ng for Taq, and 0,6 to 10 µg for GAPDH. For all three proteins, the eBlot® L1 offered superior transfer efficiency compared to other systems. With its high efficiency of transfer, protein concentrations as low as 7 ng for Taq (lane 5), and as high as 20 µg for EGFR(lane 1) could be clearly visualised.
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