Premium 12-well multitest slide

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
096041205EEA 155 EUR
Premium 12-well multitest slide
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Uncoated areas have a total wettable surface so that liquid spreads evenly over the area of each well. For cell attachment and growth, the slides require only a simple washing in deionized water or detergent followed by sterilization.

  • Applications include immunofluorescense, cell culture, slide agglutination tests, and histology
  • High-quality glass slides have a unique PTFE coating which offers several important advantages
  • Coating enables a self draining surface
  • Surfaces are resistant to common organic solvents and fixatives
  • Slides are resistant to direct heat
  • Sterilizable
  • Features blue coating
  • Fragile glass
  • Well diameter is 0,7 cm
  • Well orientation is 2×6

A four channel pipette can be used to transfer samples directly from the microplate to the slide.

Caution: The Multitest Slide is not a reusable slide. Soaking and washing after use can cause the PTFE coating to lift off due to previous reactions of organic solvents and fixatives.
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