Transformation of E. coli with pGAL™

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Transformation of E. coli with pGAL™
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In this experiment, students see a blue colour change in transformed cells due to the switching on of a gene. The pGAL plasmid gives a blue colour dye due to the production of the β-galactosidase protein by the lacZ gene. IPTG is not required in this experiment since pGAL contains the complete lacZ gene.

  • For 10 lab groups
  • Complete in 50 minutes and grow overnight

Also required: 37 °C incubator, water bath.

Delivery information: Kit includes instructions, LyphoCells, plasmid DNA, buffer, media, ampicillin, X-Gal, ReadyPour agar, petri dishes, sterile pipettes, loops and microtubes.
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