Experimentation kits, diversity of fish proteins

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Experimentation kits, diversity of fish proteins
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In this experiment, students study the diversity of fish using pre-stained, lyophilised proteins. Total protein from perch, walleye and salmon is extracted and pre-stained using an indicator dye. Each fish protein sample has a characteristic banding pattern when separated by denaturing SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, which can be used to identify the specific species.

  • For 6 lab groups (sharing 3 gels)
  • Electrophoresis 60 minutes, staining 20 minutes, destaining 2 hours

Also required: 3 polyacrylamide gels (12%), vertical gel electrophoresis apparatus, power supply, microcentrifuge, white light box, 5 to 50 µl adjustable or 20 µl fixed volume micropipette, fine tips, methanol, and glacial acetic acid.

Delivery information: Kit includes instructions, fish LyphoProtein samples, protein molecular weight standards, practice gel loading solution, buffer, and Protein InstaStain.
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