Ultrapure and pure water purification systems, Milli-Q® Direct

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Ultrapure and pure water purification systems, Milli-Q® Direct
Water Purification Systems Pure and Ultra Pure Water Systems
The Milli-Q® Direct systems produce Type I ultrapure water, 18,2 MΩ.cm resistivity at 25 °C and <5 ppb Total Organic Carbon (TOC) directly from tap water. Type III pure water for basic lab applications is produced at flow rates of 8 and 16 L/hr (up to 300 L/day).

  • Provides manual and volumetric water dispense at low and high flow rate (up to 2 L per min.)
  • 75 cm long dispenser reaches the sink for easy glassware washing
  • Hands-free water delivery using the footswitch option for convenience
  • Complete process monitoring system checking systematically the water temperature, pressure, conductivity and RO rejection using calibrated meters at different steps

The Type III pure water is stored in a reservoir from where it can be sourced through a front valve to be used for analytical techniques with sensitivity at ppm level or above. It can be sent by a delivery pump to feed instruments such as a glassware washing machine or further processed by the Milli-Q® Direct to produce ultrapure (Type I) water. The Type I product water is suitable for the most critical laboratory applications. A wide range of end filters allows you to adapt your ultrapure water to a specific application in a glimpse: you may switch from a Millipak™ Express 40 filter for general laboratory applications to an LC-Pak for production of UHPLC or LC-MS grade water or a BioPak® filter for the delivery of pyrogen-free and nuclease-free water for PCR or other molecular biology applications.

Complete quality assurance support: certificates of conformity, quality, calibration and qualification documents on request.
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