Cellulose chromatography papers, Whatman™

Supplier: Whatman products (Cytiva)
588-3010EA 294 EUR
588-3010 552-0107 552-0106 552-0109 731-2502 731-2501 731-2504 731-2503 552-0114 552-0113 731-2500 552-0112 588-3146 303-0862 588-3148 588-3186 588-3188 588-3189 588-3145 588-3182 516-3476 WHAT30176715 588-0000 588-3113 WHAT3017-8823 588-3114 588-3111 552-0127 588-3112 514-8013 552-0099 588-3190 552-0098 552-0097 588-3191 588-3192 552-0375 552-0095 552-0094 552-0092 588-3007 588-3009 588-3003 588-3004 588-3005 588-3006 552-0117 588-3001 WHAT10382514 552-0116 552-0115 588-3002 731-2505 552-0119 552-0121 552-0120 WHAT3002-9159 552-0125 552-0123 552-0122
Cellulose chromatography papers, Whatman™
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Whatman chromatography papers are widely used across the world, reflecting their purity, high quality and consistency. They are made from specially selected cotton cellulose and rigorously quality controlled to ensure uniformity within the grade.

  • Pure cellulose produced from the highest quality cotton linters, with no additives, ensures that no contamination will occur during the transfer steps
  • Manufactured and tested specifically for chromatographic techniques to ensure the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that is important in obtaining clean and even transfers during blotting

Grade 1 Chr: Smooth surface. Good resolution for general analytical separations.
Grade 2 Chr: Slower than 1 Chr for higher resolution applications. Smooth surface. Particularly recommended for optical or radiometric scanning.
Grade 3 Chr: A medium thickness paper. For general applications with medium/heavy solute loadings. Frequently used for separation of inorganic compounds and for electrophoresis.

Grade 3MM Chr: Though widely used as a blotting paper, 3MM Chr is also used both in electrophoresis and for general chemistry. A medium thickness paper used extensively for general chromatography and electrophoresis.
Grade 4 Chr: Fastest of the thin papers. Recommended for routine and/or repetitive chromatography when loadings are relatively low. Smooth surface. Very suitable where speed is important and very high resolution is not required.
Grade 17 Chr: Highly absorbent paper suitable for heavy loadings. Recommended for preparative paper chromatography and electrophoresis.

Grade 20 Chr: For maximum resolution, this grade is supreme giving the greatest possible separation of closely related compounds. Smooth surface. Recommended for separation of samples of unknown composition, with outstanding resolution at low loadings.
Grade 31ET Chr: Extremely fast. Flow rate is the highest of all chromatography papers in the Whatman range. Thick paper with fairly soft surface. Principal application is in electrophoresis of large molecules.
Grade 54 SFC: Thin hardened paper with high speed and fair to good resolution. Recommended for routine chromatography. High wet strength.

Grade 2668 Chr: For separation of relatively large molecules by electrophoresis.
Grade 2727 Chr: For separation of very large amounts of substance.
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