Laboratory bottles, narrow neck, with thread, amber glass, DURAN®

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences

215-3808EA 460 EUR
215-3808 215-3296 215-1579 215-1572 215-4487 215-1573 215-1581 215-3806 215-1580 215-3799 215-3796 215-3805 215-1574 215-1576 215-3798 215-1578 215-3807 215-3215 215-3793 215-3804 215-1577 215-1575 215-3794 215-3797 215-2436 215-2434 215-1582 215-2435
Laboratory bottles, narrow neck, with thread, amber glass, DURAN®
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DURAN®, borosilicate glass 3.3, amber, without or with pouring ring and screw cap.

  • Very good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance
  • Minimal thermal expansion, giving relatively high resistance to temperature changes
  • Purely external application of the colour ensures unchanged DURAN® properties on the interior
  • Glass Type I according to USP, EP and JP
  • Amber glass meets USP 671 and Eur. Ph. 3.2.1. for protection against UV light

Round, with graduation and DIN thread.

With printed Retrace Code (batch identification).

*With specially shaped glass rim for improved pouring; no additional pouring ring is needed.

**Ring-shaped reinforcement on the bottle shoulder makes the filling line of the nominal volume visible.

Certifications: ISO 4796-1
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