VWR® High Performance, Bottles, Wide Neck with Screw Cap

Supplier: VWR
215-3438SEA 1130 EUR
VWRU414004-124 VWRU414004-121 215-3438S VWRU414004-120 215-3434S 215-3446S VWRU414004-127 215-3454S VWRU414004-125 VWRU414004-126 215-1899 215-3439 215-3438 215-3437 215-1898 215-3436 215-3435 215-3434 215-3433 215-3432 215-3431 215-3439S 215-3447S VWRU414004-118 215-3435S VWRU414004-119 VWRU414004-116 215-3451S VWRU414004-117 215-3443S 215-3431S 215-3450S 215-3449 215-3448 215-3447 215-3446 215-3445 215-3444 215-3443 215-3442 215-3441 215-3440 215-3448S 215-3444S 215-3436S 215-3452S 215-3440S 215-3432S 215-3454 215-3453 215-3452 215-3451 215-3450 215-3449S 215-3437S 215-1918 215-3445S 215-3433S 215-3441S 215-3453S 215-1889
VWR® High Performance, Bottles, Wide Neck with Screw Cap
Bottles Plastic Bottles
LDPE, HDPE or PP with PP screw cap.

  • Good chemical resistance
  • LDPE and HDPE heat resistant up to 80 °C
  • PP heat resistant up to 135 °C, autoclavable
  • Leakproof

Can be used anywhere in the laboratory, as well as for collecting samples. Wide opening allows rapid filling and dispensing of powders, pastes and liquids. 4 litre bottles have integrated handle design.

Caution: *The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904
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