Syringe filters, sterile filtration

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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Syringe filters, sterile filtration
Filters Syringe Filters
Available with either cellulose acetate or PES membrane. Sterile membranes with 0,2 µm pore size are ideal for sterile filtration applications, whilst those with 0,45 µm pore size can be used for clarifications. These sterile syringe filters are gamma irradiated to prevent cytotoxic residues caused by alternative sterilisation methods.

  • Cellulose acetate membrane surfaces are not treated by wetting agents. This is especially useful for cell culture applications
  • PES membranes show very low levels of extractables and high flow rates. Ideal for cell culture applications
  • Certified non pyrogenic and non cytotoxic
  • Delivered with certificate

** Retains 10⁷ brevundimonas diminuta per cm² according to modified ASTM F838
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