Syringe filters, Minisart® RC

Supplier: Sartorius

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Syringe filters, Minisart® RC
Filters Syringe Filters
Minisart® RC with hydrophilic regenerated cellulose (RC) is optimised for aqueous liquids and solvents with a pH of 3 - 14 and is stable against DMSO. With a pore size of 0,2 µm that can be used for sample preparation and sterile filtration.

  • Sterile and ready-to-use
  • Minimum extractables or leachables
  • Very low non-specific binding
  • Outperforming chemical compatibility

Individually packed and sterile Minisart® RC syringe filters are optimal for immediate usage whenever sterile filtration or clarification of aqueous and solvent samples is needed.

The RC membrane is the best option for reliable and leachable free sterilisation of liquids. The very low non-specific binding characteristics of this membrane makes it a perfect choice for biomolecule solutions and other dissolved substances.

In addition, unlike PVDF filters, those with RC membranes are suitable for DMSO and other amides, or for ketones, esters, and ethers. The housing of the filter is made of PP (polypropylene) which is compatibility with harsh solvents, acids and bases.
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