Microplates for fluorescence applications

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Microplates for fluorescence applications
Microplates Immunology Microplates and Strips
Designed specifically for fluorescence applications, this range of products have binding surfaces that include Microfluor® and universal binding (UB) and are available with either black or white pigmentation depending on the specific assay requirements.

  • Available in 96-well or strip plate format for matching to the requirements of automated instruments
  • Microfluor® microplates have raised wells to avoid cross-contamination

Black microplates have reduced background signal to improve assay sensitivity with minimised crosstalk, while avoiding light piping between the wells. They are available in high and medium binding configurations:
Microfluor® 1 Black and Black UB microplates offer low background.
Microfluor® 2 Black are irradiated microplates that provide higher binding and minimal background fluorescence.

White microplates have higher reflectivity to enhance signal and thus sensitivity, while improving signal-to-noise ratios, thus increasing the dynamic range and minimising crosstalk. They are available in high and medium binding configurations:
Microfluor® 1 White microplates offer high signal reflectance and reduced background fluorescence.
Microfluor® 2 White is an irradiated microplate for assays that require higher binding and reduced background for fluorescence assays in the ultraviolet range.
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