Cell culture insert companion plates, Falcon®

Supplier: Corning

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Cell culture insert companion plates, Falcon®
Microplates Insert Plates and Inserts
PS, tissue culture-treated, sterile, non-pyrogenic, with lid. Specifically designed for use with Falcon® or Corning® BioCoat™ cell culture inserts, so that evaporation and contamination due to improper lid fit is eliminated.

  • Reagents can be added quickly and consistently for timed experiments
  • Aspiration from the well is easier, reducing the risk of contamination
  • Media cannot wick up between the insert and the well wall
  • Low-evaporation lid reduces evaporation and contamination

In the 'Feeding Position' pipette access is improved for fluid handling on the basolateral side. In the 'Incubation Position' cell culture inserts remain locked in position in their companion plate wells.

Note: May be used with or without cell culture inserts.
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