Cell culture insert plates, ThinCert™

Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

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Cell culture insert plates, ThinCert™
Microplates Insert Plates and Inserts
PS, sterile, with lid. Designed for use in air-lift culture where tissue is cultivated in permeable membrane supports (cell culture inserts), with the cell culture medium nourishing the cells from below the membrane and the air exerting its influence from above. If cell culture inserts and conventional cell culture plates are utilised in the air-lift culture, the available volume of culture medium is severely limited. This reduced volume results in an elevated nutrient consumption rate from the lower compartment and an increased number of medium changes.

  • Optimised for use with ThinCert™ cell culture inserts
  • Deep wells for an increased volume of medium in air-lift culture
  • Notches for fixed insert position
  • Available in 6 and 12 well format

With the ThinCert™ plate the deep wells allow a larger volume of medium to be available to the culture. As a consequence, fewer medium changes are required and the amount of manual work is reduced. The reduced frequency of medium changes ensures that the medium conditioning lasts longer and an improved tissue quality is achieved.
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