Cell culture inserts for multiwell plates, ThinCert™

Supplier: Greiner bio-one

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Cell culture inserts for multiwell plates, ThinCert™
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Clear PS housing with PET capillary pore membranes, cell culture surface treated, sterile. Combining six different membrane specifications (pore size and density) in geometries to fit 6,12 and 24 well plates, the ThinCert™ cell culture inserts are suitable for a wide range of applications including transportation, secretion and diffusion studies, migrational experiments, cytotoxicity testing, co cultures, Trans Epithelial Electric Resistance (TEER) measurements, as well as primary cell culture.

  • Physical surface treatment optimises cell adherence and growth
  • Hanging geometry ensures that there is always a gap between the membrane support and the bottom of the well, so avoiding damage to the cells growing in the lower compartment
  • Spacers prevent capillary suction between the side of the well and the ThinCert™ housing ensuring that component exchange between compartments can only take place through the membrane pores
  • Pipetting is simplified by the self-lift design, with the insert sliding easily upwards when the pipette is inserted into the lower compartment and gliding back into its original position after the pipette has been withdrawn
  • Scalloped rims allow for flatter pipette pipetting angles, minimising the risk of contamination, allowing freedom of movement when pipetting, and enhancing gas exchange during cultivation

ThinCert™ cell culture inserts are compatible with standard CELLSTAR® multiwell plates, and are pre packed together with the requisite number of plates. All plates and inserts are certified free of RNase, DNase and human DNA, are non pyrogenic and non cytotoxic.
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