TLC plates, silica gel 60, unmodified and chemically modified layers, aluminium backed

Supplier: Merck
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TLC plates, silica gel 60, unmodified and chemically modified layers, aluminium backed
TLC Plates
TLC plates, unmodified silica gel 60
This range of plates uses Merck silica gel 60 with a unique polymeric binder that results in a uniform, hard surface that will not easily crack or blister. The smooth, extremely dense plate coating ensures narrow bands and maximum separation efficiency with the lowest background noise. Layer thickness 200 μm and, particle size of 10 to 12 µm. Flexible aluminium plates that can easily be cut to match individual separation requirements. Two inorganic fluorescent indicators for UV detection of colourless substances. Samples which absorb shortwave UV at 254 nm are detected due to fluorescence quenching.

TLC plates, concentrating zone
These plates are based on the different adsorption properties of two silica adsorbents: An inert large pore concentrating adsorbent where the samples are applied and a selective layer for the separation. Independent of the shape, size or position of the spots, the sample always concentrates within seconds as a narrow band at the interface of the two adsorbents, where the separation begins. Quick and easy sample application. Includes a purification and concentration step. Better resolution due to sharp bands.

TLC plates, modified silica gel 60
Modified silica layers (layer thickness 200 µm) are ideal for most problem separations that cannot be adequately resolved using unmodified silica. Results less dependent on atmospheric humidity. Allows use of aqueous solvent systems. RP-modified silica provides a ready correlation with HPLC. No catalytic activity for unstable substances (oxidative degradation).
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