HPTLC and GLP plates, silica gel 60, unmodified layers, glass backed

Supplier: Merck
1.13728.0001EA 606 EUR
1.13728.0001 1.05631.0001 1.13749.0001 1.05649.0001 1.05648.0001 1.05642.0001 1.13748.0001 1.15498.0001 1.05628.0001 1.05629.0001 1.13727.0001 1.12363.0001 1.05613.0001 1.13326.0001 1.05641.0001 1.15552.0001 1.15696.0001 1.05564.0001 1.11764.0001 1.15534.0001 1.13187.0001 1.05633.0001 1.05616.0001
HPTLC and GLP plates, silica gel 60, unmodified layers, glass backed
TLC Plates
HPTLC plates, unmodified silica gel 60
This range of plates uses an optimised Merck silica gel 60 with a particle size of only 5 to 6 µm, which results in higher packing density and a smoother surface, therefore, reducing band diffusion. Less sample is required, 0,1 to 0,5 µl than for classic TLC.

  • Faster analysis, only 3 to 20 minutes for optimum separations
  • 5- to 10-fold increased sensitivity compared to classic TLC
  • Extra thin (100 µm) HPTLC automated multiple development (AMD) plates

HPTLC plates, concentrating zone
HPTLC concentrating-zone plates allow easy application of large volumes of diluted samples. Quick and easy sample application. Includes a purification and concentration step.

GLP plates
These laser-coded GLP plates that are individually marked with item, batch and individual plate number. Based on the same proven Merck silica 60, these GLP plates perform exactly as the corresponding TLC or HPTLC plates.
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