Silicone stoppers

Supplier: Hirschmann Laborgeräte

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Silicone stoppers
Stoppers Silicone Stoppers
SILICOSEN® and BIO-SILICO® sterile stoppers are manufactured in a special process and have regular pores, thus making them ideal for the preparation and sterilisation of culture media. The uniform pores and good permeability to air make the stoppers ideally suitable for cultivation of aerobic microorganisms.

  • Chemical and temperature resistant
  • Liquid repellent
  • Reusable

SILICOSEN® T-type and L-type: Low humidity evaporation reduces dehydration of cultures.
SILICOSEN® C-type: Excellent permeability and secure fitting, thanks to seal lip. Ideally suitable for agitated cultures.
SILICOSEN® S-type: Excellent permeability and suitable for aerobic bacteria cultures and agitated cultures.
BIO-SILICO® N-type: High degree of air permeability, similar to that of cotton plugs.
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