Microliter™ 700 series syringes

Supplier: Hamilton
549-1159EA 77.5 EUR
549-1159 HAMICAL80301 549-0223 549-1157 549-1156 549-0584 549-0221 549-1276 HAMICAL80700 549-1154 549-0582 549-1231 549-0581 549-1230 549-1153 549-0229 549-0228 549-1317 549-0227 549-0225 548-2328 HAMICAL80530 549-1144 549-0571 548-2294 549-1306 548-2293 548-2292 548-2291 549-1149 548-2298 548-2297 548-2296 548-2295 548-2335 548-2334 548-2333 548-2299 548-2332 549-1140 613-1150 548-2337 548-1963 HAMICAL87930 548-2336 549-1137 549-1135 549-0363 HAMICAL80800 HAMICAL87919 549-1138 548-2301 548-2300 548-2306 548-1535 548-2305 548-1536 548-1973 548-2304 548-2303 HAMICAL80330 548-2307 HAMICAL80630 HAMICAL80430 549-1167 HAMICAL87900 549-1166 548-2272 549-0239 548-2276 548-2275 548-2274 548-2273 549-1162
Microliter™ 700 series syringes
Syringes Syringes for Chromatography
The 700 series syringe is the original hand-fitted Hamilton syringe. This series of syringes is ideal for dispensing volumes from 0,5 to 500 µl. The stainless steel plunger is manufactured to fit the glass barrel with a tolerance smaller than 100 millionths of an inch, resulting in unsurpassed syringe life. Each syringe is manufactured to achieve the highest level of accuracy and precision possible.

  • Fluid path is stainless steel and borosilicate glass

Cemented needle (N): Cemented needles for low volume syringes are cemented into the glass syringe barrel at a point corresponding to the zero graduation mark. With this termination, dead volume is limited to the internal volume of the needle. Not autoclavable. Needle gauge is determined by the syringe volume and are not user-selectable.

Removable needle (RN): The design allows the needles to seat precisely at the zero graduation mark of the syringe. Users can select the needle gauge, length, and point style to optimize the syringe for custom applications. This termination also allows for a removable needle without increasing the dead volume of the syringe and is ideal when there is a risk of the needle clogging. Autoclavable when disassembled. Repeated autoclaving will shorten syringe life.

Luer tip (LT): Luer tip syringes feature needles that are removable and fit over a ground glass hub which is tapered in the shape of a male Luer. This termination will accept most hypodermic needles but was designed specifically for use with Hamilton Kel-F needles. This termination also increases the dead volume in the syringe, which may not be appropriate for some applications. Autoclavable when disassembled.

Needle point style 2: Sharp, beveled, curved, non-coring needle point recommended for septum penetration.

Needle point style 3: Blunt needle point for use with HPLC injection valves and for sample pipetting.

Needle point style 5: Conical needle with side port for penetration of septa, thin-gauged vinyls, and plastics without coring.

Needle point style AS: Special conical style needle point used on autosampler syringes the non-coring needle point is recommended for septum penetration.
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