Ground-joint thermometers

Supplier: Amarell
AMARD265078-FLEA 230 EUR
AMARD265078-FL AMARD265062-EF AMARD265082-FL AMARD265086-EF AMARD265050-FL AMARD265058-FL AMARD265074-FL
Ground-joint thermometers
Thermometers Glass Thermometers Glass Thermometers with Standard Ground Joint
These enclosed scale thermometers are suitable for government verification or for government calibration. These are designed with an adjustable, vacuum-tight, universal lock with PTFE packing rings.

  • Blue reflecting prismatic capillary
  • Subdivision up to 0,5 °C
  • Richter-top finish with button
  • Certificate of stem correction

Upper part (l/Ø): 250 to 350/10 mm
Lower part (l/Ø): 200 to 250/8 to 8,5 mm
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