VWR® Safe-T-Flex, Caps for Test Tubes

Supplier: VWR Collection

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VWR® Safe-T-Flex, Caps for Test Tubes
Closures Test/Sample Tube Closures
Safe-T-Flex caps feature a unique, flexible, over-locking design, locking securely on the outside of the tube lip and can be removed with one hand. A tight seal ensures sample integrity and prevents spillage or evaporation of serum samples. This special seal protects against the aerosols of highly infectious organisms such as TB and the HTLV-III virus. They are colour coded for easy specimen identification and to help guard against cross-contamination. The top of each cap can also be numbered or labelled with indelible ink. Self-locking cap holds firmly in any position and keeps contents secure while in transit. Liquid-tight seal withstands centrifugation, agitation, refrigeration and freezing.

  • Colour coded self-locking test tube caps prevent spillage or loss of samples
  • Fit all varieties of blood collecting and disposable culture tubes

Packaging: Caps are packed in bags of 1000.
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