VWR®, Cryogenic Vials

Supplier: VWR

479-1209EA 417 EUR
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VWR®, Cryogenic Vials
Designed for the storage of biological material, human or animal cells, at temperatures as low as –196 °C (should only be used in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen).

  • Graduations and white marking area
  • Sterilised by gamma radiation
  • Compatible with most storage systems

Closures and tubes are made of PP, and both have the same coefficient of expansion, further enhancing the leakproof qualities of these vials at various temperatures. Round bottom vials can be centrifuged up to 17000×g.

Please note that 479-1237 has a PP screw cap and there are no cap inserts available for this model.

Certifications: Certified RNase-, DNase-, pyrogen- and DNA-free.

Packaging: Packed in unique tamper-proof, resealable, safety-lock bags of 100.
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