Impregnated wipes, sterile, Klerwipe™

Supplier: Ecolab

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Impregnated wipes, sterile, Klerwipe™
Wipes Disposable Wipes and Towels Disinfectant Wipes
These surface wipes are impregnated with either 70% IPA, 70% Denatured Ethanol (IMS), silicone or with a Klerclean Neutral Detergent. The 100% polyester wipes are made of circular knit polyester.

  • Using impregnated wipes eliminates overspraying of alcohol, reducing the risk of inhalation, especially in tight working spaces
  • Suitable for direct product contact use: no undesirable residues remain after usage
  • Choice of different packaging types to suit different purposes
  • PE pouches features 'Klertear' which makes it easy to open even when wearing gloves
  • Pouch is easily resealable to prevent the wipes drying out

The low particulate wipes are made from a binder-free, hydroentangled cellulose/polyester blend and tub wipes are low particulate non woven wipes. All wipes are highly absorbent and allow a rapid clean down of surfaces, equipment and production components.

Packaging: All wipes are packed and double bagged in a Grade C (ISO Class 7) cleanroom. They are available in PE pouches, sachets or tub dispensers. Some wipes are also available in vaporised hydrogen peroxide impermeable packaging (VHP) for use in gassing isolators.

Caution: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

*The product(s) on this page are outside the scope of the EU Directive 2019/904
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