pH electrodes, SenTix® PLUS

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SenTix® PLUS
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pH electrodes, SenTix® PLUS
Electrodes pH Electrodes
These proven and tested pH electrodes are easy to use and offer high quality and precision.

  • Electrodes with gel electrolyte and a plastic body are robust and shock-proof; the membrane glass is safeguarded by a protective shield
  • Electrodes with liquid electrolyte: Capillary-effect of the platinum wire guarantees constant outflow and prevents contamination by precipitates or even dirt
  • SenTix® HW and HWS electrodes: Electrolyte flow speed can be adjusted for optimal use

Optimised membrane glass guarantees quick measurement even at low temperatures. The easy to use fill-hole cover prevents electrolyte from leaking out during storage.

* with integrated temperature probe (NTC 30 KOhm).

** without cable (available separately).
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