Bio process sterilisable pH and ORP electrodes, SteamLine

Supplier: SI Analytics

662-6159EA 521 EUR
662-6159 662-1966 SCOI285114710 662-6148 SCOI285113398 SCOI285113400 SCOI285113585 SCOI285114705 662-2315 662-6147 662-6146 SCOI285114055 662-1833 662-6160 SCOI285114035 662-6145 662-6161 SCOI285114085 SCOI285114045 662-2314 SCOI285113373 662-6149 SCOI285114715 SCOI285114075 SCOI285114065 SCOI285113390 662-6162 SCOI285113365 SCOI285113381 662-2277
Bio process sterilisable pH and ORP electrodes, SteamLine
Electrodes pH Electrodes
Autoclavable high-tech electrodes with outstanding electrical and physical performance characteristics guaranteeing exceptional accuracy and reliability over long periods of time. Can be used in demanding environments such as SIP treatment (Sterilisation in Place), and CIP cleaning (Clean in Place).

  • Low maintenance electrodes
  • Pressurised reference electrode allowing a significant longer operational time of the electrode
  • S-membrane glass avoiding damages from hot caustic soda
  • Allows up to 100 sterilisations with overheated water vapour at about 135 °C
  • For Memosens® electrodes: Highest possible process safety due to contact-free, inductive signal transmission
  • VP screw plug head: special connector with several pins
  • Low maintenance due to storage of sensor data in the sensor head

Developed for a wide range of uses in the agro-food industry, pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology, (bio reactors, fermenters) they can be used equally well for taking continuous measurements in the chemical industry.

Ordering information: Other electrodes with different cable lengths are available on request.
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