Homogenisers, Precellys® 24

Supplier: Bertin
432-3750EA 8350 EUR
Homogenisers, Precellys® 24
Homogenisers Homogenisers Bench
The Precellys® 24 is a benchtop unit dedicated to grinding, lysis and homogenisation of biological samples. It is a fast and efficient solution for extracting DNA, RNA or proteins. Ideal for the homogenisation of animal or vegetable tissues and microorganisms. The high speed and specific motion allows the grinding of difficult samples such as bones, hair, corn, spores etc. The unit features an easy cleaning system with direct access to the sample holder and is compatible with normal cleaning solutions.

  • Up to 24×2 ml sample tubes can be processed simultaneously; homogenisation is carried out in few seconds
  • Flexible, only need to adapt protocols and grinding kits (glass, ceramic, metal beads) depending on the sample
  • High quality and reliable; specifically designed for use in an L3 laboratory under high throughput conditions - 50 to 100 runs per day
  • Cross-contamination free with disposable sample tubes
  • Optimal temperature process with the optional Cryolys® temperature controller

Cryolys® cooling option.

The Cryolys® is a patented cooling option that keeps temperature at approx. 4 °C during homogenisation using either liquid nitrogen or solid CO₂. It allows extraction of stable RNA and native-state proteins. Cryolys® (432-3756) is compatible with Precellys®24 and Precellys®24-Dual.

Get higher yield, quality and functionality
Prevent enzymes from becoming active
Retain 100% active proteins

The Cryolys® requires a compressed air supply, liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Delivery information: Supplied with sample kit (2 tubes of each type of grinding kit), cover gasket, sealing ring, spare sealing ring, spare fuse and power cord with either EU- and UK-plug.
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