Laboratory blenders, Seward Stomacher® 80

Supplier: Seward (FermionX)

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Laboratory blenders, Seward Stomacher® 80
Homogenisers Laboratory Paddle Blenders
Stomacher® lab blenders offer fast reliable blending and homogenisation of a broad range of laboratory samples. The Stomacher® machines work by the action of twin-reciprocating paddles on the sample contained inside a sterile plastic bag.

  • 3 year warranty, 10 year service and spare parts
  • Versatile and efficient blending and homogenisation of laboratory samples
  • Safe containment of sample in sterile plastic bag prevents cross-contamination
  • Machines do not need to be cleaned and sterilised between samples
  • No temperature increase

Stomacher® 80 microBiomaster sample range 250 µl to 80 ml: The Stomacher® 80 microBiomaster has an adjustable door mechanism, which reduces or increases the paddle clearance between the sample and the door during processing. This allows the operator to adjust the blending pressure by turning the convenient control on the door while the machine is in operation.

Stomacher® 80 Biomaster sample range 5 to 80 ml: The Stomacher® 80 Biomaster is widely used in bioscience and healthcare for processing a range of samples from plant and animal tissue to china clay. It is ideal for processing samples of a biohazardous nature as the sample is contained in a sterile plastic bag at all times. This prevents aerosol release into the lab and cross-contamination of samples. The compact machine fits conveniently into safety cabinets.

Compact, space saving size
Versatile preparation system for life science applications
Maximise extraction and 5000-fold improvement in cell recovery and viability
Diluent-free sample processing

Delivery information: Units are supplied complete with two plugs: EU and UK.
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