Microplate shaker, high speed, VWR®

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor

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Microplate shaker, high speed, VWR®
Shakers Microplate Shakers
Ideal for molecular biology applications, mechanical and chemical cell lysis, mixing tissue samples, mixing cytogenetic suspensions, and vortexing cell suspensions. Shaker is also ideal for emulsification of bi-polar viscous fluids and for mixing fluids in small diameter tubes. Specifically designed to shake and/or vortex microplates in timed or continuous modes. Shaker features programmable timed mode from 1 s to 160 h. Speed and time are easily adjusted with the up/down arrows on the front panel.

  • Holds up to 6 microplates without stacking, up to a maximum of 48 microplates with stacking (6 in layers horizontally, up to 8 in a vertical stack). Can be used with vessels up to 127 mm high
  • Programmable digital speed control and timer
  • Programmable pulsing feature to enhance mixing action
  • Can be used at 4 to 40 °C, in an incubator or cold room
  • RS232 interface

The 279×311 mm tray assembly includes a foam pad and accepts up to 48 96-well microplates. Tray assembly height is adjustable from 3,2 mm up to 127 mm, accommodating most microplates, including deep-well microplates. Microplates can be stacked up to six plates high, to a maximum height of 127 mm. The unit's 12 suction cup feet and weight prevent the shaker from moving across the lab bench. Pulsing feature allows the user to program the unit to stop and start at a wide range of intervals. The repetitive stopping and starting action is ideal for difficult mixing applications, such as emulsification of highly viscous liquids or bi-polar liquids.

Ordering information: Supplied with top plate and tray pad set. Tray pad set and replacement top plate are available separately. Each unit is supplied complete with three plugs: EU, UK and CH for use throughout Europe.
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