Microplate shakers, MicroPlate Genie® and Multi-MicroPlate Genie®

Supplier: Scientific Industries

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444-0940 444-0720 444-0721 SCIISI-4003A 444-0942 SCIISI-0401A 444-0875 SCIISI-4003 444-9156 SCIISI-0403A 444-0941 444-9155
Microplate shakers, MicroPlate Genie® and Multi-MicroPlate Genie®
Shakers Microplate Shakers
The high speed and small vortexing orbit of the mixers produces a true vortexing action so samples in each well of the microplate are mixed efficiently. Ideal for use in molecular biology applications and immunology laboratories.

  • Holds most types of skirted microplates, even 384 well formats
  • Thorough mixing regardless of sample viscosity
  • Timer function from 1 to 60 min (analogue models) or 1 to 99 min (digital models) or continuous mode (all)
  • Digital models can be programmed with 'ON' and 'OFF' pulsing time between 0,1 s to 99 min.
  • Multi-MicroPlate Genie® models hold 4 microplates, or up to 8 with optional tray
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