Colorimeter, Colourwave CO 7500

Supplier: Biochrom

633-0161EA 1470 EUR
633-0161 633-0160
Colorimeter, Colourwave CO 7500
Colorimeters Multiparameter Colorimeters
The CO 7500 has been designed for use in educational establishments. The unit is easy to use, compact and robust with a large, clear digital display and simple push button controls. The eight filters are encased in an integral filter wheel and the wavelength required is selected by rotating this wheel until the relevant, colour coded number is visible in the indicator window. When used in kinetics mode to study rates of reaction, the CO 7500 takes readings every second and these may be sent to a chart recorder via the analogue output or results may also be downloaded directly to a PC or data logging system. The samples may be measured in either standard 10 mm path length cuvettes (a minimum of 400µl is required) or in 16 mm diameter test tubes (adapters* for 10/12 mm test tubes are supplied). There is a drain hole at the bottom of the cell compartment so that spillages do not affect the instrument. The CO 7500 is available in mains only or mains / internal rechargeable NiMH battery versions.

  • Five buttons for easy operation - ideal for beginners
  • Operates in absorbance or transmission
  • Kinetics mode for study of rates of reaction

Ordering information: For details of other accessories, including, serial cable and spreadsheet software, please contact VWR for details.
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