Cell density meter, CO 8000 Biowave

Supplier: Biochrom

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Cell density meter, CO 8000 Biowave
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The CO 8000 cell density meter is a small, portable and easy to use instrument for measuring the density of E.coli and yeast cells in suspension at 600 nm.

  • Lightweight device for measuring the cell density of cultures
  • Easy to clean with ethanol or sterilise with formaldehyde or ethylene oxide
  • Long lifetime LED source
  • Rechargeable batteries automatically charged when connected to the mains
  • One month use under normal operating conditions when fully charged offering great flexibility and portability

For use in small research labs, the CO 8000 may be taken to the area of the lab where the cells are grown or used in incubation cabinets or under anaerobic conditions. Up to 99 results may be stored for subsequent recall, printing or download to spreadsheet. Since it can accept either 10 mm path length cuvettes or tubes - adapter (*) required for 10 and 12 mm test tubes, the instrument may be used with Erlenmeyer side arm flasks.
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