Ultrasonic baths, Elmasonic S series

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Ultrasonic baths, Elmasonic S series
Ultrasonic Baths
These ultrasonic units feature the newly developed switchable sweep function. This function guarantees homogeneous sound field distribution by way of continuous shifting of the sound pressure maxima. The 'Degas' function on these units facilitates fast and effective degassing of the cleaning liquid, particularly in freshly mixed baths. Both the 'Autodegas' function (used before the start of cleaning) and 'Degas' for special tasks can be activated manually. The units feature a noise-reducing plastic cover (that speeds up the heating process and serves as a drip-off basin once turned over), an integrated fill level indicator, cavitation proof stainless steel cleaning tanks, and a knob on the side for easy emptying of the cleaning fluid via the drain duct at the back of the unit. These ultrasound units are ideal for cleaning laboratory instruments, glass, plastic and metal surgical and medical instruments, jewellery, spectacles and electronic components.

  • The control panel is clear and user friendly, and is designed in such a way that no liquid can penetrate the device's electronics
  • The cleaning process can be activated immediately (either manually or temperature controlled) and can be supported by the optional dry run proof heating
  • The temperature can be set from 30 to 80 °C in increments of 5 °C; actual and set temperatures are displayed via an LED
  • The LED displays the set cleaning period and the remaining cleaning time
  • Automatic safety switch-off after 12 hours
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